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We are delighted to welcome Laka back as a partner of Dulux London Revolution 2020.

Laka is an innovative bicycle insurance company powered by the community. Cyclists join Laka to protect their bikes and gear without paying upfront premiums. Instead, Laka settles claims in their community first and shares the cost fairly with everyone at the end of the month. No claims mean no pay!

Safety is paramount at all our events but unexpected accidents can happen and put a real sting into a good ride!

Laka has two amazing offerings for you:

  1. Smarter Bike insurance powered by the community. Get £25 credit on when you sign up as a Dulux London Revolution participant.


  1. As part of their Laka Club, they are offering third-party liability for one whole year and £2m coverage! It costs £12 however it also provides you with £12 Laka Credit if you have a bike policy with them. If you don’t have a bike policy you will receive £12 Laka Credit waiting for you when you sign up for one.


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