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HIGH5 are delighted to support you at Dulux London Revolution 2020. HIGH5 will be providing you with the great tasting Energy Gel, Energy Drink,  ZERO and Recovery Drink on the day and will help you on your training journey to get there. With more than 20 years’ experience developing innovative sports nutrition, HIGH5 products give you everything you need to be at your ultimate best.

Discover the HIGH5 Cycle Pack – the complete range of great tasting energy, hydration and recovery products to help you be at your best, every ride. Use coupon code REVOLUTION20 to get your HIGH5 Cycle Pack for only £7.50 now (50% off, excludes P&P).

Not sure if sports nutrition is right for you? Find out more about how nutrition can help you.

Check out HIGH5’s very own Nutrition Guide for advice on how to fuel yourself properly for Dulux London Revolution.

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PERK!ER, a young British company, provide tasty & super healthy snacks (bars and protein balls) and porridges packed with nutritious energy to keep you feeling energised all through your training and during the race! Their range is high in fibre, rich in protein and packed with vitamins to keep you feeling perky! They also contain chicory fibre a prebiotic scientifically proven to enhance recovery after sport!

Their delicious flavours include Salted Caramel and Peanut.. yum!

Free-from gluten, wheat and dairy; 100% vegan and absolutely NO PALM OIL.

PERK!ER are offering Deloitte Ride Across Britain participants a 10% discount on their first purchase online.

Use REV10_2020 at checkout for 10% discount on

  • PERK!ER Bars
  • PERK!ER Porridge Pots
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Our event partner RockTape provide us with products that are specially designed for endurance events. As a supporter of Dulux London Revolution you are entitled to discounts on a variety of their products.

Use REVCYCLE20 at checkout for 30% discount on:

  • RockTape’s Kinesiology Tape
  • RockTape’s Topical pain relief

Use nomoreblisters at checkout for 50% discount on:

  • Blister Kits


Laka, our Dulux London Revolution 2020 partner, is an innovative bicycle insurance company powered by the community. Cyclists join Laka to protect their bikes and gear without paying upfront premiums. Instead, Laka settles claims in their community first and shares the cost fairly with everyone at the end of the month. No claims mean no pay! Safety is paramount at all our events but unexpected accidents can happen and put a real sting into a ride! Laka has two amazing offerings for you:

  1. Their innovative bicycle insurance powered by the community. Laka customers saved 61% to date, get your quote now and unlock £25 credit on signup.


  1. As part of the Laka Club, they are offering third-party liability for one whole year and £2m coverage! It costs £12 however it provides you with £12 Laka Credit if you have a bike policy with them. If you don’t have a bike policy, you will receive £12 Laka Credit waiting for you when you sign up!
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